Secret of the Solstice opengl needed

When I downloaded Secret of the Solstice game from Outspark it said I needen OpenGL version 1.2 or higher. When I download it, which i have many times, it still gives me the same message. Could somebody help? :stuck_out_tongue:

what is your video card, OS, install graphic drivers, etc.

Where do i download and activate it?

Iโ€™m not exactly a computer tech so put it in terms somebody stupid would understand.

You read the link right ?

  1. find the make and model of your video card
  2. go to the website of the maker, and search for graphic drivers :
    โ€ฆ others
  3. download the driver for your card and operating system (Windows version)
  4. install it, with admin priviledges
  5. reboot
  6. enjoy updated OpenGL

If you still need help, please provide more details about your computer.

I canโ€™t find out what kind of video card i have!

Ok, so i downloaded the Nvidia drivers and rebooted.

Now it says that the driver components mismatch and the only option is to exit.

What do i do now?

  1. find the make and model of your video card
    What is it ? Search in display control panel, or whatever it is called on your computer.
    What version of windows do you have ?

Windows XP

and your video card is ?