Searching for buffers and layouts

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have started working with openGL a while ago and I feel like I have finally a good understanding of how to work with the rendering engine, but something I’m curious about. How would you store vertex buffer layouts and vertex buffers themselves. Is it better to store them inside of a map with an name (char*/string) or an Id(int). The reason I’m hesitant to this matter is because I want to be able to call the right buffers without knowing the layout while still having the best performance. If this is not possible to achieve, then how big will the casualties be?



Have you written any basic opengl programs yet? I ask because if you had, your questions would probably be answered…by you!

Give it a try, is my #1 recommendation, start slow, draw a triangle, or a single point, then go from there. is a great resource for learning. highly recommended, plus I have a youtube channel, in which I go over a lot of examples.

Check it out, here: