Seamless textures not seamless anymore

If I have really large textures, they need to be broken down into smaller ones that the video card can handle. This is not a problem and is working fine. However, when I put the textures next to eachother the linear filtering causes a visible seam between the 2 pieces of the previously seamless texture. How can I fix it so that my texture will stay seamless after breaking it up into pieces?

Well, I assume taht you are using a quad for each texture, so why dont you place the quads closer to each other? Maybe that will fix the problem.

Well if your bg is an opaque plane,
you’re in good shape. Might be possible
to do transparency now that a
channel independant glBlendFunc
is available, dont know.

Heres what I remember of doing
the opaqule tiled texture. Note
this is SGI dont know if NVorATI
has issues here.


Build your textures with a black border
on the texture with Alpha 0.

Stick em together with the appropriate
one texel overlap then blend

Thanks, I have got it working by copying the edge of one texture to the edge of the other and then moving the texture coordinates of each 0.5 so that they overlap and the linear filter looks equal on both sides.