Seamless textured VBO triangle strip

I have a very long shape made up of 3 triangle strips to form a “triangluar tube”. The strips are stored a VBO and take up several meg.

I want to texture the 3 triangle strips using a seamless texture. Is there any way to do this without having to store texture coords for every vertex on the strips? The reason is I want to avoid using more VBO memory.

I see there is a glTexGen function, but I don’t understand what it does exactly.

If there isn’t a way to do this then is there anything that can be done with shaders? (I know NOTHING about shaders).

Or maybe something with procedural textures? I’m not overlay fussed about the actual texture, so long as it makes the sides look like a material instead of just painted a single color.



You could use glTexGen to planar project a texture onto your geometry, but it would look very stretched in some places. If you want a your shape to look like it has a consistent material with no stretching you might want to try a 3D texture.

You can also use glTexGen to do environment mapping (make your tube look shiny).