SDL question

Hi, another newbie to OpenGL here.

I’m starting on a multiplayer game I want to be available on mac/windows/unix. After reading several posts in this forum I gather that you need to use one of these ports (not sure of the technical term yet) SDL, glaux, GLUT.

I’m not entirely sure yet but SDL sounds like it is along the lines of what I want. However when I was looking at the SDL site it appears that SDL can only be run in Visual studio.NET, is this true? I have visual c++ 6.0. Can I use SDL with this? Or should I try using GLUT.

Any information on this topic would be helpful as I don’t quite understand all these different ways to use OpenGL.

Ok, with a little experimentation I think I got it working on visual c++ 6.0 so I think I’ll just use the SDL, if I should be using something else for the purpose of creating an online multiplayer game please let me know! thanks.