SDL + glew + DRI == segfault

I’m using Debian unstable, XFree86 4.2.1 with Matrox G400 (DRI drivers).

I created a really simple opengl-app, which of course works just fine. Now, when I add glew (, opengl extension handler library) to the project, SDL starts to segfault! Note that I don’t use glew at all, just linking glew.o to the the executable causes SDL to segfault!

Segfault happens in SDL in X11_GL_Shutdown() when this->gl_data->glXReleaseBuffersMESA() is called.

Any ideas how glew can make glXReleaseBuffersMESA() to crash the whole program? Note again that I don’t use glew at all! I just link with it!

The program is available for testing from

Please test & comment! Note that the crash only happens with Mesa-based drivers (There’s no such function in Nvidia’s drivers).

I really would like to get this solved, because glew rocks (not counting this bug…)

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