SDL & games

Hi all. I have this question for you:
Is SDL the right toolkit to build up a 3D game?

May be… It all depends on your requirements (functionality, portability, compiler support, stability, etc). You should at least check out Jim Mathies OpenGL Toolkit FAQ .

SDL is certainly game oriented (not that it can’t do anything else, but there is a strong focus on games).

Personally, I wouldn’t use GLUT for game development. It has been done, but GLUT is quite weak in certain areas - keyboard input, timer, and unbreakable main loop are some of the things that makes GLUT unsuitible for games (again, this is my opinion).

Regarding SDL, a word of warning: SDL has support for sound, but you are usually much better off with a separate audio toolkit (such as libMikMod, FMOD or OpenAL), since the SDL audio support is very limited. Therefore I would not like to say that SDL has an upper hand vs. other OpenGL toolkits in terms of audio capabilities.

Being very fond of a good timer source, I would like to point out that the SDL timer is also quite poor (only 1-50 ms resolution). Of course, GLFW has a very sharp timer