.sdkmesh parser? (DirectX Mesh format)

Before I go reinventing any wheels here, anybody know of a free-to-use .sdkmesh parser out there? This is apparently a DirectX utility mesh format used for DX SDK demos. I’d like to link this parser into an OpenGL app on Linux to load .sdkmesh data, so ideally this parser shouldn’t use DirectX APIs.

Or some converter that’ll convert .sdkmesh to a more open format, or dump to some structured text form that’s more easily parsed?


I’m not an artist at all, but I’ve heard people say, that they imported X meshes into blender and then exported something else. Probably not very helpful, I don’t use Windows much.

It’s only used for SDK demos:

It’s not meant to be used for anything else, so you may be wasting your time on it.

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it appears that while Blender supports import of the ol’ DirectX “.x” format (circa DX2-9), it doesn’t appear to support the “.sdkmesh” format (circa DX10-11).

DirectX SDK Utilities tool “meshconvert” allegedly supports .sdkmesh -> .x, but folks seem to have problem with that. Might try it though.


Yeah, that’s what Microsoft says (don’t use it guys; it’s just for our SDK demos), but some folks writing graphics papers are releasing DX demos with .sdkmesh data sets. Just for fun, thought I might convert one to OpenGL. …then I noticed the data in .sdkmesh format… Grrrr…

Just for others that find this thread, you’ll find some DXUT parser code in various places if you google for SDKmesh.h and SDKmesh.cpp, though it’s built on DX types/headers.