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This is my very first post here :slight_smile: i am a newbie as a programmer and i am a very newbie about open gl… i found a lot of documentation about it and i’ d like to start doing something…

I have searched in the download section but i didn’ t found the sdk to install it under windows xp… i have also another question, i need also a compiler and i’ d like to know if i can use the gcc compiler ( as i use it under AMIGA OS 4.0 ) and i’d like to know if i have to install also the glut files to compile open gl under windows… as you can see i am really a beginner so any help would be usefull and really appreciated :wink:

Thanks Davide :slight_smile:

There is no SDK. The files you need (basic gl headers and libraries) are part of the compiler distribution. For glut, google ‘freeglut’.

For OpenGL SDK, you could check here:

The SDK in this site is just documentation. The dlls must ship bundled with your graphic card drivers.


Good luck OpenGL programmer!

ABput using gcc on Windows… I think you could, but you get limited to MinGW platform. If you want to write crossplatforms apps use full cross platforms technologies like CMake, it can handle your compilation under various operating systems.

Thanks, so i need to find the compiler with the open gl libraries ? right ? :slight_smile:

There’s a free version of Visual Studio (“Visual Studio Express” or so). VS is a really great IDE, for people developing on Windows there is IMO no better program. All headers / libraries necessary to develop with OpenGL should be included (as with any other compiler).


OK thanks for the info :slight_smile: