Screenshots in fullscreen device mode

Hello, I was wondering if there’s any software out there that is able to take a screenshot while you are in fullscreen device mode under OpenGL. I know its possible to write your own code to do this, but I don’t have the ambition.

Don’t have the ambition?!?!?!

The code you’re after isn’t just possible, it’s trivial. There are numerous places on the net with these kinds of tutorials, just reverse the file loading process for your given format. Alternatively you can dump the frame buffer then import it into a program just as Photoshop as a .raw file (you’ll need to know the dimensions) and save it as something else. I’m not sure how you’d go about dumping the buffer in OpenGL, I’m just getting into Windows after a long break from programming (in DOS mind you). But it shouldn’t be too hard.

Thanks a lot for the help… yeah I found a great tutorial. Thanks again

just in case…
look into glReadPixels()