What do I have to do to create a screensaver of a Nehe-Project ?? I have already something modified but there’s always a mistake : “Initialization failed” [By calling it as a Screensaver;but by calling as usually it works fine :-(( ]
What can that be ??

How is it you are creating your screensaver? Are you using the screensaver library, or just renaming your .exe to a .scr?

If you use VC++ I’ve got an Appwizard you could use that creates sample screensavers. It doesn’t currently initialize OpenGL for you, but that’s one of the things I plan on adding. (As well as the option for initialization of DirectX.)

The Appwizard is located at You pretty much just have to unzip it into your VC++ template folder.

For the screensaver I wrote, I initialized OpenGL in the WM_CREATE message with no problems. My screensaver even behaves well in the little preview window in the display’s Control Panel.

If you don’t use VC++, I can send you the files for creating a simple ScreenSaver with OGL initialized.

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I just renamed it!! And I am not using VC++
but Builder Borland 5.0. And the Nehe-Project (I want as Screensaver is Lesson06)