Screensaver Textures

This is my first post here, so hopefully it is in the right place. I’ve read the Red Book, and worked through some of NeHe’s tutorials. I was able to use six separate textures on his sixth tutorial (though probably not in the most efficient way).

I started working on turning the spinning cube in to a screensaver today using LanceUSA’s tutorial code (found at,,) but all I get now is a spinning white cube. The code is a bit messy, so I thought I’d just give the basic gist of what I attempted. I took Lance’s code, and added the LoadGLTextures (with my modifications)and LoadBMP functions from NeHe’s tutorial. The screensaver part seems to be working, but I can’t figure out why my textures aren’t mapping to the cube.

Any suggestions? I’m still new to OpenGL, so please keep that in mind. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure, that you already have a gl context when you load the textures.

Use gluBuild2DMipmaps, it prevents you from using non-power-of-two textures (it rescales them) and it builds mipmaps for you, so you can´t forget to do that.

glBindTexture is not allowed between glBegin / glEnd calls, check for that.

Check for glErrors, certainly it will tell you, that you did something wrong.
This way you get a nice error-string:

GLenum errCode = glGetError ();
if (errCode != GL_NO_ERROR)
const GLubyte *errString;
errString = gluErrorString(errCode);

And, of course, don´t forget, to enable texturing.

That´s all i can think of at the moment.


This could also be a non-GL related error: are the texture files located in a directory that the program can find?