School Research Project

Okay, I’m not trying to start an OLG vs. D3D war. For a research project in school I am trying to gather information about the advantages and disadvantages with both OGL and D3D. If anyone would like to submit some ACTUAL(no opinions unless stated as such) examples and info on this please do. It would help a lot.

An objective study on OGL vs. D3D? That’s impossible, I can tell you that now…

  • Matt

well the most obivous one that I can think of is cross platform compatibulty
OpenGL will work on all most any platform (win, linux, maxOS, many forms of unix)
DX works only on windows.

It is easer to ues HW T&L in OpenGL you do not need to modify any code to ues T&L. in DX you need to change the code to ues it.

well that is my 2cents

Direct3D currently has widespread support for
rendering directly into a texture surface.
OpenGL has not.

Direct3D currently only runs on the Windows
platform. OpenGL runs on pretty much anything
under the sun (no pun).

Direct3D is mostly used for games. Almost all 3D modelling software are built using OpenGL. That’s another diference.