Scheduled Server Maintenance

[li] 6/22/05 - Wednesday[/li][list:qtapy9th]
[li] 9.00-11.00 AM PST, will be down for maintenance for about 2 hours.[/:m:qtapy9th][/ul][/:m:qtapy9th][/li][li] 11/13/05 - Friday[/li][ul]
[li]Unscheduled security upgrade. Clear browser cookies for before next log in attempt.[/:m:qtapy9th][/ul][/:m:qtapy9th][/li][li] 7/7/06 - Friday[/li][ul]
[] 12.30-02.30 PM PT, will be down for maintenance for about 2 hours.[/:m:qtapy9th][/ul][/*:m:qtapy9th][/list:u:qtapy9th]

The server has upgraded cookie usage security. The old cookies stored by your browser are no longer valid.

In order for registered users to log in you will have to delete your old cookies. Once this is done in your browser, you can log in again as normal.

The site was brought down momentarily to upgrade it to phpBB 2.0.19.
Posting problems should be fixed now.

The site will be down for maintenance Friday July 7th for about 2 hours.