Saving and Opening Files

Yeah, so basically this isn’t a OpenGL question, but you guys are smart so I’m goina ask anyway… I just want to have the main Save/Load window go up in my program to save stuff and load stuff and I have no idea how to do that. Another thing I wanna know is: is there a way to input text into a textbox type thing in OpenGL? Like in those games u can enter your name and stuff, is there a function in OpenGL for that? If not how do u do it? Well, those are my questions for you, help would be nice.

These are higher level operations than OpenGL provides. You could use OpenGL to draw a menu system or text input field, and use raw mouse and keyboard input to drive it but if you’re asking this question then the more advanced stuff may be a bit beyond you. Look on the web for stuff like this, there’s FLTK on OpenGL and I think Steve Baker did some simple stuff in PLIB for GUI input etc.

for the rest i suggest , they have a great forum for discussing EVERYTHING, not only opengl as here. as you never learned you don’t have to post off-topic questions here, please move to the apropriate forum then. gl is about drawing triangles, thats all…

for the input-boxes, just draw a rectangle, and create a textout function, wich can draw into a rectangle only. this is stringparsing to get the text nice wrapping to next line at wordbreaks. the rest is datamanagement, and key-input-information as well as mouse-input-information, so you have to solve this for your own or ask somewhere else

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I’d recommend the GLUI library - we use it extensively as a user interface implemented within OpenGL