saving and encrypting

Ok I am familiar with OGL yet I have never learned how to save outside of the RAM. Can anybody post a code or a link to a site I could look it up. I also want to make a sort of security program which involves ecrypting of data. Can anybody help me figure out how to encrypt an image.

OpenGL has no functions to save data, let alone for encryption.

You might get an answer in a general programming forum. Encryption is very hard to do right, you might want to use a library for that instead of trying yourself.

Btw.: Google is your friend :wink:

have a more deeper look at the other posts. Some may talk about what you want, even if partially.;f=2;t=018209

in this above thread you’ll be able to take a tga screenshot of what you rendered :slight_smile: I didn’t knew it before I read it.

Also, you may be interrested in buying a good programming book. I’m really sure it will be a good benefit for you, you’ll learn more fast and more good stuffs. Amazon website is a good place for that.

Hope that helps you.

p.s. this has absolutely nothing to do with OpenGL.

If youre trying to save a rendered image to file (as in BMP, TGA, TIFF), I think you could probably pretty easily write from RAM, or even pixels on the screen to a picture object in your code, which you write to a file. In that case, you would not want to have encryption. Why render out a file that cant be read by any viewer but your own?

OR on the other hand, if youre trying to save a file that contains all the 3D data (MDL, 3DS, etc) that only your program uses, then how you save it depends on what type of modeling system youre using. If youre using SDS you’ll need to save a vertex list, an edge list, etc into the file. If youre using patches, you’ll need CP (on-points) data, bias (off-points) data, and spline data. Encrypting in that case would also be foolhardy, as it would make it impossible for other developrs to make conpatability with your program. (It could work, but you’d need to make your app able to export to pretty much every big name 3d file format)

so basically, encrypting seems like a bad idea in either saving rendered images or 3d files. But you havent fully explained your purpose, so…

and, yes, this is a programming thing, not an OpenGL thing. There are myriads of encryption algorithms out there. try They have tons of code in every language from C++ to VB.NET to Javascript and ASP.