Savage cards plz check PLZ PLZ PLZ

Hello people,
I have an s3 savage 2000 card and i play counter-strike but it does work with opengl.
But every time i go back and it would change my screen to normal it goes rebooting.
Rtcw doesnt work anymore
And today he couldent get in the game for no reason
COuld you tell me whats wrong or could you give me a good driver.

The rest of my hardware is
Amd athlon 800 550 mhz
20 gb
Soundblaster pci 128
Plz help

Bye indy

me to but i can play in 640 by 480 and it worked nad when i woke up my comp was messed up every time i tryed to launched a game it would tell me that every program i tryed to open had created an illegal error.