Sanity check please

This may seem like a beginners question but its not. I have my engine working and I’m now revisiting some quirks discovered along the way. This one has me beat: I’m using wglUseFontBitmaps() and it works ok but only if followed somewhere (anywhere!) by an gluBuild2DMipmaps(). What’s driving me barmy is that the gluBuild2DMipmaps() is unrelated, ie, it is used to create a texture after the font is created. If I don’t use mipmapping for the texture, calling glTexImage2D() instead, then the wgl text won’t display. I am using glRasterPos2f() before calling the wgl generated display lists. I have also cut the scene down to just the text and the textured quad (2xTri) so I know nothing else is causing the problem. Any clues before I completely lose it?

disable the mipmaping in your texture setup.