sampler3D and profile_COMMON. Schema broken?

I ran across a weird issue with 3D textures in COLLADA 1.4.1. It seems to be related to 1.5 as well. The question is: How do I specify 3D textures in COLLADA using profile_COMMON?
According to the spec document, profile COMMON supports sampler3D, and sampler3D can be a child of newparam similar to sampler2D. However, a newparam inside profile_COMMON does not have a sampler3D attribute. Why is this so? It seems that the 1.4.1 schema is broken.

A workaround could be to specify the sampler outside the profile_COMMON block but inside the effect block, since then newparam can have a fx_basic_type_common attribute which in turn can have a sampler3D attribute. At least, according to the schema, since the spec documention does not mention the fx_basic_type_common attribute.

How should I use sampler3D?

The profile_COMMON only supports 2D texturing within its scope.

You have found a spec error. The schema is the formal definition.

It’s true that parameters at effect scope are visible across all profiles (i.e. multi-profile effects). Being visible does not mean they are usable in all profiles. In profile COMMON, the use of <param> is supposed to be a <float4> (i.e. a color).

Either use a profile that supports it like GLSL or Cg, or add an extension to your application code that supports it in COMMON (e.g. using <effect><newparam> and <param>).