Sampler1D,-2D,-3D,-CUBE,-DEPTH and -RECT Interpretation?


I’ve problems to interprete the elements Sampler1D,-2D,-3D,-CUBE,-DEPTH and -RECT. I look at the collada_spec_1_4.pdf on page 259, but I don’t find any informations whichs values the elements wrap_s, minfilter, magfilter and so on can be.

I will parse it, but I don’t know what I have to expect. Can anyone help me?

See Bug 21 for some information.


If the specification document isn’t complete you can usually find the information in the schema. The wrap mode can be WRAP, MIRROR, CLAMP, or BORDER. <minfilter> should be NEAREST, LINEAR, NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST, NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR, LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST, or LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR. <magfilter> should be NEAREST or LINEAR. <mipfilter> can pretty much be ignored.

The options for gles are a little different. See the schema if you’re working with the gles profile. Also, some of these parameters (such as the wrap mode and filter modes) can be set to NONE, but I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean. Maybe in that case the application can do whatever it wants.

Thank you guys four your help.