Sample transparency exports (examples requested)

I am trying to build up a collection of the ways in which various popular modelling packages and associated plugins (Sketchup, Maya, Max, XSI, for example) export a simple test model that illustrates the use of a texture with an alpha component used to indicate transparency. The model should be a simple quad (possibly rendered as two triangles) to which a single texture has been attached (probably in the diffuse channel, depending on lighting model). I have attached an example texture to this post. It consists of a simple chequerboard of green and black squares. The green squares have an alpha component set to 1 and are meant to be opaque and the black squares have an alpha component set to zero and are meant to be totally transparent. To get the ball rolling I have attached the following example files for Sketchup

  1. The texture file used.
  2. A screenshot of the model in Sketchup.
  3. A screenshot of the kmz file imported into Google earth.

I will upload the next two when I have worked out how to get the forum to accept non image files.

  1. The Sketchup (.skp) file
  2. The Collada file produced. This is a .kmz (zip archive) which contains the dae file.

It would be really helpful if anyone with access a modeller other than Sketchup could produce a simple test model as I have described above and post the results here and/or email to me at and I will summarise.



I cannot get the forum to accept non image files so here is the relevant extract from the Sketchup 7 dae file

                 <color>0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 1</color>
                 <color>0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 1</color>
                 <texture texture="material_0_1_0-image-sampler" texcoord="UVSET0"/>
                 <color>1 1 1 1</color>

The texture referred to is the sample chequerboard I attached to the first post.


What file extension are you trying? (they can be enabled) Or you can link them from the OWL database.


From memory I tried the original extensions (.dae and .kmz). I think I then tried .zip and then adding a .jpg (i.e. xxxx.dae.jpg). But it seemed to know they were not images and ignored them. When I get some time I will put them in the OWL database. However, I have zero responses for my request for help with contributions for other exporters.

I this any chance you can have a look at the last couple of messages I put on the main transparency thread. I would really appreciate your input on them.