Sample source code

I’d like to import Collada 1.3 files on my game engine, where should I start ?

I thought there was sample source code in “Samples & Source Code”, but i can’t find it…

Should i start from a Maya or Max importer and modify it ?
Has anyone done something nice, fast, in C++, for example with virtual callbacks to create appropriate geometry structures ?

If not, maybe i’ll do this, but it would be nice if such a work was available online, so many developers would have a good starting point…

If you get the latest version of the 3dsMax COLLADA tools, you’ll see the FCDocument, FUtils, LibXML directories.

Feeling Software is in the process of re-using these classes in the ColladaMaya importer and they are based on FSCView. I dub them simply the “FS Import Classes”. The idea being to separate the XML parsing classes and the DCC object creation classes.

The first version, available with the C++ importer for 3dsMax is somewhat Max-specific, but that’s changing. We are currently upgrading them, with backward compatibility, to COLLADA 1.4. The upcoming versions of the COLLADA 1.4 beta 3dsMax and ColladaMaya importers will be based on them. If there is enough interest, we might write documentation and make them into a real library.

The alternative is to request beta access to the COLLADA DOM.


Yes, I’m also interested in C/C++ Collada import/exporter source code that is not tied to 3dsmax or any other 3d app.

I’m trying to get this simple line to compile:
FCDocument document;
FUStatus out = document.LoadFromFile( myfilepath );

But I get over 500 compilation errors, mostly all of them relate to FPoint and FMatrix.
But these data structures are tied to 3dsmax, so I can’t use them.