Sample Ray Tracing Program

Hi I need a sample ray tracing program showing
-> Triangle intersection
-> Sphere intersection
-> Triangle Phong shading
-> Sphere Phong shading
-> Shadows rays
-> Still images

Plz reply me to

Plz reply me to

Really? We’re supposed to ignore this discussion forum and just mail our reply directly to you? You can’t actually be bothered to check back or anything?

And FYI: OpenGL is a rasterizater, not a raytracer. If you want to find ray tracing code, I suggest Google. Or failing that, download any open-source raytracer (Yafray, Pov-RAY, etc).

Mr. Reinheart, give him a discount, it is his first post. Well, the email was a little weird.

Sana, start looking here which was the first result when typing “Simple Ray Tracer” on google.

Sana, you can too look (but a lot after, because OpenGL is effectively “only” a rasterizer) at (where the help of the GPU power included into recent OpenGL cards can make OpenGL a platform of choice for very fasts raytracers)

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