sample data using profile_GLSL


i am using renderman shaders in a little shader network app that uses collada as data model. the app should also do real-time previews in OpenGl as far as possible. So what i want to do is to use profile_GLSL, put in as many information from the renderman shader as possible (for the real-time preview) and add an extra tag for all the extra infos of the renderman shader.
as a starting point i’d like to look at a sample collada file that uses profile_GLSL, unfortunately i couldn’t find any in the test model bank or the samples (only cg samples). does anyone have a GLSL sample and is willing to share it?
also it would be helpful to hear from other people who use renderman shaders in collada and their approaches.


Unless you have to use GLSL, you should consider using the Cg profile instead, since at this point in time I do not know of any tools implementing GLSL.

It is a shame, but since OpenGL does not have an FX system, it is difficult for content applications to target it. I really hope that the OpenGL workgroup, now part of Khronos, realize how important to have an official FX format.