sample code for texture sharing ??

Could somebody post or send me some working sample code for sharing textures between 2 contexts in X-Windows (Linux)? I cant make it work! thanx!

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The texture does not have anything to do with the context. Once you have two context in one instance and load your context, you can paste the texture on the polygon as many times as you want .

no im sorry it seems i wasnt clear enough,
1st of all i want 2 windows each with its own GLXContext.
2nd i want to be able to use the same textures in both windows contexts.this means if i create a texture with context 1 current and it gets the name ‘1’ per example i want to be able to use it in context 2 although it was created in context1, this is called texture (and display list sharing) and is explained in the glXCreateContext documentation. it works in windows using glShareLists and should work in linux but it doesnt!

more details here: