Sample application to test DL API's

Can any one tell about the availability of the sample application to test (conformance) MP3 DL API’s(V1_0)?

Hi Sandeep,

I’m not sure what you are referring to by “sample application”.

If I assume you mean “an example MP3 codec that uses the OpenMAX DL API, and can be linked to an implementation of the OpenMAX DL library”, then I’m afraid I do not know of any publically available (or planned to be made available) MP3 codecs for this purpose.

In terms of a sample implementation of the underlying DL library (A.K.A. DL reference code, but the specification is the actual reference), there is a slightly out of date version on ARM’s website ( and search for OpenMAX).

The latest DL specification (which has a few specification errors fixed) is called v1.0.2 and will be available to download from the Khronos website in the next week or two - a new version of the sample code should follow from ARM’s website a few weeks later.

If you are talking about basic conformance tests, then these are being worked on, and will be available from Khronos in the future. You have to be a Khronos member (and signed a conformance test agreement) to run these, and to have paid a fee to be able to claim your implementation is Khronos compliant. They simply test basic conformance, and should bot be considered extensive stress tests.

Hopefully one of the above paragraphs answered your question!

Regards, Hedley