same performance with direct draw & Vertex array

Why I have low performance result with direct draw mode and also with vertex array ?

the 3000 records in the file (data.txt) are show with a animation motion slow; its the same performance in twice cases.

I believe so with vertex array to have a faster motion but… don’t.

who have any comment ?..please…!

I think we need a bit more information and detail here.
What are you trying to do? and what’s in the data.txt file ? (model positions, model matricies, vertex attributes?)
Do you access the file each draw call, or do you read the entire file into memory first?

what I try to do…Well; show all records (draw)the scene; the animation environment. Into the file to have model matrix for build triangles, squares, lines…simple geometry.

How is the file access; well reading all the file since the first record until the bottom. and draw all the scene in one

How many record ?

how slow is your program?
I get very high frame rate plotting graph with more than 5000 point.
Can you post the drawing part of the code?