saeasonal greetings

summer that is

me and my two new christmas friends

opengl 2007 wish list

  • opengl3.0 lean + mean (but with a utility library available if the programmer wishes to use it thus immediate mode etc is still there)
  • more posts from my two favourite posters korval + knackered, esp the amount of bickering has dropped off recently please make an better effort in the new year

I have no idea what you are holding, is it some bizzare New Zealand thing?

In 2007 I would like to do some actual OpenGL coding. It is a sad fact that I have only been doing console programming at my new company. (hence the lack of posts and lack of updates to GLIntercept)

I sure we can get knackered posting, just prod him a bit - or perhaps he is sulking over losing the Ashes - :slight_smile:

I have no idea what you are holding, is it some bizzare New Zealand thing?
u have the same things in oz, as with most things , bigger but of lesser quality (both taste + alcohol)
i remember my first trip to oz, ~15years ago, walking in the shop + seeing ~$5 for a 4liter cask of wine (nz was $~12), **** theres some mistake here, hopefully the seller wont notice, take it back to the hostel + tell everyone, the reaction ‘what a dork’, different countries different prices oops.
nowadays the prices are oz ~$10 + nz ~$14, in nz like airfares its one of those things that havent really risen in price.
bah the ashes, overrated. gotta love the urn though, the best tropy in sport.
what is needed is a worldcup of cricket, the whole thing could be done in 6 weeks, 2 pools of 4 or 5 teams == 1 month roundrobin + 2 weeks for the semi + final
alternatively something like
which seems outta date as the current holders are ireland

Merry christmas, happy holidays, don’t be a scrooge.

Here, it’s
“The alcohol(ics) society of Quebec”

Been having a green Christmas until yesterday. It snowed 10 to 15 cm.

I wish GL to gain more ground. I wish people will continue to burn fossile fuel. I wish there will be no more winter. I wish I’ll have time in my busy schedule to do my own project.

PS : I hate winter

Happy New Year! (horns hooting, whistles whistling, confetti flying) :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t quote me on this, but I have it on questionable authority (my own) that we’ll see the unveiling of GL3 by Siggraph '07 (just a hunch).

P.S. New year’s resolution #1: Get out more often.

Originally posted by V-man:
PS : I hate winter
you’re not very precise in that point. ok, winter=cold, car not starting, etc.

but also: winter=snow=snowboarding=lots of fun & beer. unfortunately not here, at the moment: no snow, spring-like temparatures around 15°C

anyway, “guten rutsch” to everybody!

Ladies and gentlemen, take his advice: pull down your pants and slide on the ice! (teehee… wooop!)

my two above friends are gone :frowning:
but ive found another couple :slight_smile:
friendship nowadays is so fickle

man u can see my scalp in the above foto, time to paint my scalp black!
9am 1st jan at the moment (no hangover which i rarely get anyways, only had a couple of liters of red wine though to help with sleeping mainly cause i knew the neighbours will be making lots of noise until the sun rose, needless to say my gf didnt sleep well, coupled with my snoring + the racket nextdoor)

  • shouldnt this be in a blog, oh well its the one time of the year this is permisable i suppose

P.S. New year’s resolution #1: dont lead such a boring life
New year’s resolution #2: record an album (ive recorded 5 songs so far, but have hit a bit of a creative block, ive started recording ~10 others which is no good, focus zed)

just for curiosity: when i start google earth and zoom in to your coordinates, i see a lot of regularly arranged plants. a vineyard, i guess?

there are vineyards in the region but i believe those are appletrees (now those apple trees to the north + south have been pulled out in 2005 so it shows they dont update certain parts of nz very often)
this was the house we lived in there -41.2796087044, 173.091600087 (now owned by the former allblack prop btw his girlfriends a honey
) now we’re in town

Not to give you a fat head or anything, but New Zealand is probably the most beautiful place on Earth. If and when I ever travel abroad, that’s my first destination.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year.
Personally I couldn’t give a rats arse what happens to OpenGL in the new year, as I have finally had a nervous breakdown, lost my job, defaulted on my mortgage repayments and am now homeless and sleeping under a flyover with michagl (as he insists I call him).
I will still frequent internet cafe’s just to spout rubbish on this forum, pretending I’m a graphics programmer with ready access to the latest technologies.
I vote we all club together and buy leghorn a plane ticket to…anywhere. The poor untravelled sod.

well, so you had bad luck, but you can still make it cool. build yourself a shelter made from old mainboards and graphics cards (preferably nvidia, they seem more stable). spend the day meditating. mumble opengl commands and try to imagine how the output would look like if they were running on a computer. it will keep you mentally in touch with that ogl stuff. let your hair grow and don’t shave, this will make you look like a guru and improve your chances to get a new job when economy goes up again.

as I have finally had a nervous breakdown, lost my job, defaulted on my mortgage repayments and am now homeless and sleeping under a flyover with michagl
still you gotta laugh

that’s what I tell michagl every night before the death squads do their final sweep of the evening. He just babbles something about progressive meshes.

I wish you new gardner, Zed :wink:

I also wish Korval’s post count breaking 3000.

Originally posted by 3k0j:
[QB] I wish you new gardner, Zed :wink:
the house is on the market

‘The bathroom consists of a wet area shower, hand basin, towel rail and toilet’

comeon its got a towel rail!! I can see this place getting snapped up quickly
the question is where do i live next, i might be joining u + michagl, knackered.

so, what’s the prize? and is a flight ticket included?

new zealand is full of zombies - I saw it in a documentary called Braindead or something.

really? and are you allowed to shoot them or will you be arrested for doing so? is the firearms law as liberal as in the US of A? i don’t think it will be big fun to kill a zombie with an air rifle, can i go into a shop and buy something really big…and automatic?