S3C6410+WINCE6.0 OPENGL ES2.0's problem

Recently,I was engaged in development work on Samsung S3C6410.Now I facing a question about opengl -es2.0.
Firstly,I get the vertex datas of a three dimensional model from STL(about solidworks),

facet normal 0.999600 0.028291 0.000000
outer loop
vertex 28.502701 17.936396 12.000000
vertex 28.500000 18.000000 12.000000
vertex 28.500000 18.000000 17.500000
facet normal 0.999600 -0.028291 0.000000
outer loop
vertex 28.500000 18.000000 17.500000
vertex 28.500000 18.000000 12.000000
vertex 28.502701 18.063604 17.500000

When i look the example in BSP,I found i can’t get the meaning of this?

 // Header generated from binary by WriteAsBinHeader()..
static const int AniPolkaVertLength = 218;
static const unsigned int AniPolkaVert[AniPolkaVertLength]={
    0x20205356,    0xFFFF0008,    0x00000048,    0x01020000,    0x00000012,    0x0000000F,    0x00000000,    0x00000000,    0x00000002,    0x00000004,
    0x00000004,    0x00000000,    0x00000000,    0x00000000,    0x00000000,    0x00000000,    0x00000048,    0x00000000,    0x00000000,    0x02020000,

How can i change my data to this style?
where is typedefine of the WriteAsBinHeader()…

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