S3 SuperSavage & OpenGL

What do you guys think about this combination? The S3 Graphics site is quite constraint so it is difficult to find information about this card, especially informations concerning Opengl extensions. Has maybe some of yous experience with that card?


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From what I have seen, its an discontinued product (I could only find W9X drivers for it).

Based on this, I would stay away from it.

You can find reviews of the Savage line in various benchmark sites.

Taking a quick read, it would seem that Savage is only available as an integrated part these days, as the ProSavage / “Twister”. If you look at the benchmarks, then the Intel integrated part (i845G/i830M) and the nVIDIA integrated part (nFORCE) seem to be better choices. While the Savage seems to keep up with the i845 in some D3D benchmarks, it’s far behind on OpenGL.

Also note: ProSavage and i845 do NOT have hardware transform, and thus put a bigger strain on the CPU.