S3 Savage4-Q3A

for first, sorry my english.
When I try to play Q3A, the screen turns white and the sistem stop. then i need to restart the system. I have a Pentium III, 128 Mb Sdram, 1 hd 8.4, motherboard ASUS PV34X and a S3 Savage4.
Please help me
thank you

I have the same problem with sevage 4 card, and i also don´t know what to do…

I don’t have that problem,
but I have updated my bios and drivers…

And if you download the S3 tweaker you can enable the anti-alaising to !
(download it at www.s3p.co.uk))

Hope this helps.

Thanks very much for the URL, I downloaded the last driver on the creative home page www.creative.com , the intro appear normally but when the principal menu appear, many squares turn up on the screen. so I downloaded the last OpenGl driver, but the game was stoping a lot. But now I’m waiting for my next download, it’s a upgrade for Q3A bugs.
Let’s try again
Thanks for your help

I found this in the driver readme:

Quake III test:

Quake III test does not operate correctly unless vertex lighting is selected.  To select 
vertex lighting, go to "system configuration", select "graphics options", and change 
the lighting setting to "vertex".  Please refer to the Diamond website for future updates.

Hope this helps.

Now I’m trying to download some new drivers. I don’t know if my computer is not working good, or the game have many bugs. Yesterdey I play a little bit, but five minutes later the game stops and the system too.Is it normal? What a hell is going on with this game. I’ve never seen that before.
Thanks for your help.

I am having a lot of problems with my Stealth but I can’t do anything about it.
New drivers, bios updates, nothing helps.

I am just waiting for my card to get very old,
so I can buy a new one.

I had less problems with my old Stealth.

If I find a cure for this problem, I will let you know.