S3 Savage4 & MOHAA

I have S3 Savage4 32MB card with Win98.
I have used the OpenGL setup provided by this site but the driver installed by GLSetup
doesn’t solve the problem. MOHAA crashes and the console disappears. Previously the console didn’t crash(it only displayed an error message).
Someone from GLSetup Help me!!!

The game probably will never run acceptably with that video card. From the MOHAA Readme.txt file (which you SHOULD have read):

These older cards yield a frame rate that is often
below 10 frames per second even at the lowest video
-PowerVR NEON 250 cards:
Video Logic PowerVR Neon 250
-S3 Savage 2000 cards:
Diamond Viper II
-S3 Savage 4 cards:
Diamond Stealth III S540
Diamond Stealth III S540 Extreme
-SiS 300 cards