S3 Savage 4 OpenGL drivers for Win2k

I have some problems with my driver for Savage4 on Windows 2000. I get big squares in front of my GL app.
and sometimes it either freezes or restarts.

Im unable to download the tweaker in the post below. Since it only supports Win9x/ME.

I went to search the old forumn posts, i found 2 TOPICS about Win2k Savage4 Opengl Drivers Here!! but the url turned out to be a 404.

Has anybody downloaded the drivers…
Please Help!


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try looking on www.s3p.co.uk

There are many good drivers on www.s3p.co.uk , but some (many), you can’t download because the server is don’t working good , but on www.savagenews.com , there are many files that you can download without any problems.
Hope this help.

There are still no good opengl drivers for savage4 in win2k and there probably never will be. For my card the default win2k driver gives a good image but opengl is done entirely through software - it is dog slow.

can you use anisotropic filtering?
if you can, then please say what for motherboard and drivers you have (W2K).