I have heard conflicting statments about if the ProSavage supports OpenGL or not. I have downloaded the most recent drivers for the ProSavage and have yet to have any progress. Many of my games will not run because it does not seem to support OpenGL. If is does please tell me how to get it to run on my computer. If not then we need someone to make it for the ProSavage. Everyone buying a computer from BestBuy is going to run into this problem since this is the card they install in almost all fo there computers.


I know exactly what your talking about . I have alot of video cards ( and burned through alot overclocking and Savage Based Video cards do suck on alot of OpenGL based games . Its not the cards fault , but more of a Driver/Game doesn’t support each issue . I don’t know what kind of Savage Pro you have ( IE the chip model ) but I’ve had limited success with Diamond Mutlimedia’s errr… sorry SonicBlue’s drivers at [ http://www.diamondmm.com/default.asp?menu=support&submenu=drivers ] Grab drivers for Viper II /Stealth III S540 Xtreme / or Stealth III S540 . They all use the S4 pro/2000 chipset drivers . And what every you don’t Don’t load Windows XP in ! No game will work then in OpenGL

I think most Savage chipsets support hardware OpenGL. The SavageMX in my laptop has support for hardware OpenGL. It’s crappy for games, however, because it only supports sixteen extensions. In contrast, the GeForce 3 supports 68 (using Detonator XP drivers; I think it’s about 60 using past drivers).

I’d say that a better place to download drivers is http://www.s3graphics.com/

Regarding extensions, most games don’t use most of these extensions. I’d say that the problem with Savage based cards/chipsets is mainly that they’re slow. True, you’re also losing some effects over a GeForce3 or something, but the main limitation is bandwidth.