S3 Graphics open GL support

I have an S3 Graphics Trio3D graphics card and it does not seem to support OpenGL 3D functions.

when I load a game, I get the message:
Your current display driver does not support hardware accelerated OpenGL 3D functions.
This will result in very low performance and quality.
we strongly recommend that you download and install the latest (OpenGL) graphics driver suiting your video adaptor.
Please also consider the system requirements.
Windows reports the display adaptor as “S3 Graphics Inc. Trio3D”

I have Win XP Pro

I have looked in S3 Graphics website but have had no luck.

Please help

It’s in the legacy discrete pages. Select “legacy discrete” from the drop down.

ive tried that mate but it says that my driver is obsolete.
what do i do now?

thanks for trying though, much appreciated

Yes, but you need to click the Legacy drivers link.
It take you here


You have one of those Trio3D.
Trio3D/1X-/2X (360,362,368) Drivers
Trio3D (365,366) Drivers

Trio3D/1X-/2X (360,362,368) Drivers has 2k and XP driver.

hello mate,
i clicked on the link and downloaded the “win 2000 and xp driver” (i have win xp), went to device manager on my pc, clicked on display adaptor and tried to update the driver but was given the message:

the wizard could not find a better match for your hardware than the software you currently have installed.

im at my wits end mate. please help

If you did things right and windows says it could not find, then that probably means the drivers don’t support your card.

S3’s site had a GPU id tool. That may give a clue why.

i guess that the drivers dont support my card mate; cards too old.

thanks for your help fella, its much appreciated