ryzom and open GL

im beta testing the new mmorpg Ryzom, or actually i want to but i cant even create a new char so i havent played yet, now my problem is that when i want to start a new character the game freezes and there appears an error notification with the specifics:
AppName: client_ryzom_rd.exe which is the configure ryzom file and:
ModName nel_drv_opengl_win_rd.dll
everything that ive done so far has not helped:

  • lower detail settings
  • download latest driver of my videocard (RIVA TNT2 model 64/model 64 pro(NVIDIA))(i know it sucks)
  • download latest direct x version (in the configure file you can also choose direct3d instead of openGL but the the game wont even start)
  • disable texture compression
  • disable vertex shaders
  • disable pixel shaders(all 3 no effect)
  • disable AGP for vertices(no effect + a new problem: The driver has failed to allocate AGP memory it may result some performance and display issues Check in your computer BIOS that AGP memory has been reserved( :confused: what? how?))

Please help me because on the ryzom forums they are not able to :frowning: