Running Tribes 2 using a Voodoo 3

Anyone have any problems Running Tribes 2 using a Voodoo 3 2000 ?

It crashes after I accept the License agreement ???

im not sure i have a voodoo3 3000 and i cant start the game

i have a tnt 2 graphics card and tribes 2 crashes almost straight after the game starts

i have just bought tribes2 and a radeon ve,and i cant play becouse of gl,i need a new setup for gl,mine is 2 old,i cant find the new setup,please email me

I have almost the same problem except using Voodoo 2, except all the text in the game appears as square blocks…

OK guys Im here to save the day. I also have a TNT 2 Diamond Viper Card and had the same problem. What you do (if you can get in to the in game menu) is go under settings. Once your in there go under graphics or something like that. Anyway under settings there is something where you can switch from openGL to Direct3d. Make sure you have the latest version of driect X (version 8). If you can get in the ingame menu, download all the patches for OpenGL and Tribes 2 because im talking to a friend right this second on trying to fix this little problem that he has also. Hope that helps!


*if u cant get in the game menu download all the patches for Opengl and tribes2

My vote is to return the game. I was looking forward to getting it, but I’m not going to after all. Tribes 2 is a bigger bugfest than Aliens (the movie, not the game).