Hello friends and e…s

I have made some opengl programming. My problem is that when i add light, texture, shadows and reflection then i have a framrate of 1-2 fps. I start with about 15 fps. This is in a small 300*350 pixel GLUT window. I cant see my animations because it is to slow.

I use GLUT and C/C++ for my code. In Visual C++ i link to opengl32.lib and then it uses GDI Generic 1.1.0 as renderer. My problem is that i dont know how i shall do to use my Voodoo 2 as a renderer. What changes do i have to do ???
I have a computer with a AMD K6-2 450 MHz CPU, 320 Mb RAM, with a Voodoo 2 for 3D graphic (yee, yee i know it is old). My mothercard, SIS 6326, have a built in 2D/3D graphic chip.

I would be happy for some help.

Happy hacking.
Don’t forget to eat and sleep.

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