Running OPENGL

I downloaded glut.h,glut.dll,glut32.h,glut32.dll and opengl32.dll files.
I updated my graphic card driver : Intel®82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller.
But I cannot run any files related to opengl( sample files like noof.exe, chess.exe):
I received the error message : opengl.dll cannot be found.

I couldn’t get opengl.dll file. How can I get it?

I don’t know where you can get the 16 bits version of the dll.

I think the old SGI software OpenGL implemtation was just named opengl.dll

Can you give us more details about your OS, hardware, and what are those chess.exe programs ?

My system is notebook : Win XP Home Edition Vesiyon 2002 Service Pack 2, Intel Pentium® M 1.6 GHz, 988 MHz, 240 MB RAM.
I downloaded some OPENGL samples from internet.
Address :

I cannot run chess.exe file because there is not opengl.dll in my PC.

Now, I downloaded opengl.dll file. I tried to run chess.exe program. It cannot be run again : Error : HfxClasses45.dll cannot be found.
What can I do for it? I searched it but I couldn’t find the file.

opengl.dll is the name of the 16 bit’s Dll file.
As far as i know, Windows need opengl32.dll to run latest applications, i suppose that the application you downloaded is outdated. Concerning the other dll error i guess that the chess application call another outdated dll not used anymore…

maybe i’m wrong, hope that helps

opengl.dll and glu.dll are NOT 16 bit dlls.
They are 32 bit and come from SGI. These are extremely old now.

Recompile the programs for the “32” versions.