running opengl with 3 displays using 3 gforce

Wonder have anyone tried to run 3 display with using 3 gforce cards under window 2000…?

if yes, can someone enlighten me of how to get gl running at full hardware acceration for the pci gforce

thank in advance

Im virtually certain OpenGL has no means of muilti-monitor support, which would make the answer no.

You should search this board for “multi-monitors” or “multiple monitors”.

Last bit of info was from Cass (I think), saying that support will be available this summer. I dont know how many monitors, but Im guessing at least 2


It isn’t possible with the current drivers, though.
Your only option is to have opengl running on the primary (agp) card, while all the others will have to use direct3d…which may lead you to wonder why bother having the agp card running opengl at all, just make it use direct3d - and you’d be right to wonder.