running opengl in a web browser

Hello guys,
I am trying to work my opengl programs run in a web browser. I know that there is something called ActiveX, which provides the tools to do that stuff. I was wondering if anyone has ever done such stuff before. I appreciate any kind of help or suitable references.


Perhaps you should look into VRML standards. I’ve never done it before, but basically when talking about ActiveX is that you have to make a DLL with your code which is ActiveX formatted and then pass it through web page. Also bear in mind that many users don’t allow any ActiveX components streamed down to their computers because they don’t trust the content. Therefore you should better use VRML.

Hey another idea might be GL4Java and some of the other things that you can program in java. Yeah it’s slower and yeah it’s not C…but hey…much easier than making an ActiveX control

My work requires me to use huge sets of data, which VRML cannot handle. VRML has few limitations such as incapability to produce frame by frame animation. It has got a very crude methodology that makes file sizes enormously big. Since Opengl has the capability to produce frames and double buffering, I was put in a situation where I need to render opengl scenes in a web browser. ActiveX is the only way I could do it. The users of activeX enabled systems are known before hand and fixed. I would love to know if someone really made any work in this field. Thank you very much for your concern and suggestion though!! It helped me know that people are working in this field and had similar problems, atleast…