Running opencl .exe file with just graphics driver installed

I have developed a simple image processing OpenCL application on Windows 7 Ultimate, VS2010 and I want to run the .exe file of this application on another system. Basically the platforms are identical(the CPU and the GPU) but OS is Windows 7 Professional. I have just installed the nvidia graphics driver on this machine and I want it this way.(No Opencl SDK, no toolkit, no Visual Studio)

The application just crashes with the dialog box “Close this application” and no error message. I checked for the OpenCL.dll and it is present in the same location as in the machine in which I developed. I also tried running the executables for all configurations(win32 debug/release, x64 debug/release).

Are there any other files or dlls needed to run it…?

Does the code work on your development machine? Do you have any other DLLs in your linker that you’ve specified? If you’re missing a DLL, I believe Windows will tell you as much.

Have you tried stepping through your code and seeing which call the program crashes on? Maybe look at the Event Viewer within Windows.

Other than OpenCL.dll, I can’t think of anything that should be required (but I’ve not played with it in a while; you might have to copy one or two of the NVIDIA DLLs from their SDK, but not sure).