running errors towards Collada_RT

I have successful compiled and linked the project of collada_rt_viewer. However, when I start to run the application, VS2008 will promote me that “unable to start program, This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Review the manifest file for possible errors. Reinstalling the application may fix this proble,. For more details, please see the application event log”. How can I solve this problem. My current OS is Microsoft Vista with SP1, compiling tools is VS2008. Thank you very much!

I had this error for the, and resolved it by replacing the bullet-MDd.lib with bullet-MTd.lib in the linker input for the debug version. This actually conflicts with the main project settings, but it worked. However I needed to delete my manifest file which somehow was causing problems with the rebuild. Sometimes my love for Visual Studio is taken down a notch.

Using the dependency viewer (which sadly no longer comes with VS but you can find it here: ), it appeared that the MSVRC90D.DLL was not being found - because I don’t have the VS8 version installed, only VS9 versions (VS2008 is VS9). If you open the manifest file (found in the build directory) you can see the requirement for the VS8 dll. I didn’t get the error for the release as an application had installed the correct dll.

Building bullet with VS9 (VS2008) should cure this, or install the VS8 (S2005) redist package.