Run the same OpenGL program in two context

Hi members,

I’m working with OpenGL in a modular academic project. In this project, some users will have different perspectives for visualization and, in this case, a user will can execute a pure OpenGL program on console (terminal) and execute a GTK program, simultaneously.
My goal is have two “instances” of only one executable program int both context: one in console (run from command line to load a binary file), and other in GTK context (into a GtkDrawingArea component). In both situations, the OpenGL program have a listener that receive informations of others modules (set of programs working with IPC context).

Look the real example on the image file annex.
Note that in this example, the OpenGL application is running fine on the GTK application, and received / update all the time messages from IPC (look the paint simulating a speedometer). However, we can note that the OpenGL program that is being loading on console (pure OpenGL program) not receive and update messages from other modules via IPC.

How i do to both applications reproduce the same informations, synchronously? It’s possible?

Thank you!