Run the program in other Pc


I have one weird program. I have implement a program in opengl which is compiles and runs perfect and desirable in my desktop Pc without any problem.
Now I have try the same program at other Pc’s and I have problems that I don’t understand and I don’t know how to fix it…

1st Pc I compile it but when it was run some background pictures didn’t appear at background and some texture mapping as well and the rotation was little slower.

2nd Pc didn’t have any problem with the pictures it appears them all but it takes too 10-15 to open the window and when it opens it’s very slow with very slow rotation actually is like the graphic card cannot load the program

Both Pc’s have better graphic cards than my pc which runs normal.

Is anyone knows how can I do to solve this problem when changing Pc…


  1. Get a good set of profiling tools.
  2. Apply said tools to the problem cases.
  3. Change the code accordingly.
  4. Goto 2).

Note that you may need to profile the GPU, CPU, Disk access, and other usage. Examples of profiling tools might include VTune, NVPerfHud, etc.

Case number 2, sound like it is using the software fallback - Ensure the latest drivers are install on the PC.

Case number 1 - perhaps a different brand of graphics card? Perhaps you are generating OpenGL errors?

What video cards are used in your PC and in case 1 and 2?

(Also perhaps do a quick run over your program with )

Jwatte…I’m sorry but I don’t understand exactly what you mean…I’m a beginner in opengl can you explain me in other way…

Sqrt…On my Pc which the program run perfect I have NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT 256MB.
On the 1st Pc I don’t remeber now what card had but it was doing the rotations normal only few pictures didn’t load

The 2nd Pc was an IBM with video card 512MB I don’t remember the model but it was a good card in any case better than mine.

The drivers was the latest on both Pc’s. Is there anything to do with the size of the pictures I’m loading?

That’s possible, the Geforce 7 series support texture_non_power_of_two so if the card on the first pc does not support this extension it won’t load the textures correctly. Maybe the ones that do load just happen to be power of two in dimensions.


Can I do something to run it?Do I have to do any changes in my program or something else?

You can check whether it is supported using glew or GLinfo.

If this is the problem, the easiest way to solve it is by using gluBuild2DMipmaps.


Ok I will try and see what I can do

Thanks a lot for the help and the information

Nico I forget…

I have see that the other Pc’s doesn’t support the same max texture size as my video card. How about now the problem which in one laptop didn’t rotate at all was trying basicly but very very slow