RtCW and Opengl, this worked for me on Radeon 8500

My problem was that RtCW caused XP to freeze shortly after I started the game.

remember that opengl drivers are included i ATI’s drivers for Radeon cards.

set sound quality to low inside the game sound options. set color depth to desktop default in system in game options. I use 1024 x 768 i 32 bit on the desktop.

Use AGP X2 settings in BIOS. If you have 256 mb ram, then set the AGP aperture size to 128 MB in BIOS.

My PC: Soltek KT266a, 512 mb DDR ram, ATI Radeon 8500 and soundblaster live 5.1.

Remember that SB Live can be a problem for the game. Try to use another soundcard and see if this help. I use Windows XP.

Hope that this can help some of you. It took me one week to figure it out.

i have an ATI radeon 7200 64mb AGP, should i do the same that u did, but did you get OpenGL when you downloaded your drivers or did you have to download it and install, and how did u do it?


When you download the latest driver from ATI to Radeon 7200 or 8500 then Opengl is included in the driver and will be installed on your computer when you install the driver. After installation of the driver there is Opengl support in your OS.

sblive can be a problem in general, i regret the day i purchased mine, and that a company as lousy as creative can remain in business.

well it dont work for me, lol, i download the driver, it dont work, no opengl in sight, lol

I changed sound to low quality and it worked - no more freezing after 1-10 minutes of play. I did however notice some graphics errors.

When I’m in a room, if i rotate the view to a certain area then i would see through the wall into the next room. rotate out of that range and i would see the room i was in. wierd, but working, so thanks!

btw, i’m using a geforce2 on xp and the latest detonators (elsa gladiac ultra using lastest drivers provided by elsa, 23.11 iirc)