Rotation problems with Prism exported from Google SketchUp


Using the prism model .skp file (enclosed as an attachment), I exported a .dae/.kmz file that could be consumed and rendered in our in house application.

While rotating the prism, it caused the prism to rotate about one of its corners rather than the central axis. Where as the .skp file shows the model to be positioned on the central axis.

It has been observed that the exported file did not contain any <node><rotate> tags under the <visual_scene> tag.

I tried re-exporting the Prism model using Tool --> Axes option from Google SketchUp

But the exported file did not contain any <rotate> tags.

Any comments/facts to get around with the rotation problems would be much appriciated.


I don’t see an attached file?

Apparently the local origin of the prism is its corner. Either the points are modeled that way or there is a transform that is moving the origin.

Does the .dae document have a <matrix>, <translate>, or <lookat> element? Any of these can move the origin of the <node> that instantiates the <geometry> of the prism.