Rotation of lines wrt x-axis

Am drawing lines in xy plane,co-ordinates are in close range like
(-74.01244599,40.692543 ,0)
(-74.012445 ,40.6925639,0)
(-74.012365 ,40.692633 ,0)


i tried applying the above rotation on x axis.
Output looks like lines are being translated in -y axis. is it like camera is being moved up ?

i want to rotate lines(on xy plane) wrt x-axis(closer to xz plane).how can this be done?

I’m not sure if this is the problem, but shouldn’t you use “glRotatef”? What is glRotatex supposed to do? Are you using OpenGL ES?

ya, am using opengl ES with fixed input. As i was posting in opengl forum,thought to post in float values.

is my understanding of camera pitch being rotated correct ?
i had referred this link for my understanding .

then how can i rotate the lines(objects) around x axis ?


posting answer to my question.Might help to someone who looks this topic.

The whole set of lines which i tried to draw was being rotated wrt x-axis. But due to co-ordinates being very near it appeared to be translated along y-axis.

Its better we design coordinates symmetric around (0,0,0).then i set glortho around (0,0,0). After that i could rotate lines around xy-plane.