Rotation animation stopped less than 360 degree

Hi everyone:
I’m new to opengl. I tried to do some animation, but my object only rotate < 360 degree then it stop. I want it always rotating.What’s the problem?


you should post some code snippet so one is able to see where the problem coud be

Hi guys:
I didn’t set up timer. it still can rotate, but just 30 times. I don’t know what’s wrong.

…and neither will anyone else unless you post some code or give some specifics.

‘It’s not working, I don’t know why, please help me’ isn’t going to do much good.

I try to post my code, but this web always show html tag and can’t post. No html in my code.??

Just click the CODE button and paste your code in between the “code” tags. That always seems to work for me.