Rotating with Euler artifacts...

Hi, everybody

I am facing the next problem:

I´ve made a simple 3D design program. In the 3D visualization window I want to rotate the view with the help of the mouse. I rotate around X and Y fixing Z moving Up and Down. The problem is that when I have made some movements occurs that if I move the mouse to right the image moves left…Do you understan (I hope because my English is not as good as should be). I want something that allows me moving only the object and leaving the axes fixed. I´ve found something about a virtual Trackball but I want to know the theory…

Do you know where can I find that information and/or code?.


Try the beginner’s board. Helpful keywords include “gimbal lock” (some people spell it “Gimball”).

I’d like to add that you can find code for these trackballs at The CodeProject .

And you can try using Google or the forum-search with the keywords mentioned by jwatte.

And another keyword: quaternion